CADIA News Digest March 2024


Registration Now Open for Rev Up DEI Summit

Transforming Perspectives in Diversity:  
DEI Strategies for a New Era--May 22

Registration is now open for the 7th Annual Rev Up Summit presented by CADIA. More than a conference; it’s a movement toward a more inclusive and diverse automotive industry. 


This year’s event takes place May 22 at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy, Mich. Register now and join us in transforming perspectives and driving the future of DEI.


Rev Up is more than a conference; it's a movement towards a more inclusive and diverse automotive industry.  Join us in transforming perspectives and driving the future of DEI.


What to Expect:

  • Interactive Morning Workshop: DEI Conversations in the Workplace
  • Dynamic Afternoon Sessions and Panels: Dive into interactive sessions, including an insightful DEI Case Study by Eaton Corp.
  • State of DEI: Engage in deep discussions about the current and future state of DEI 
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.
  • Informative Sessions & Best Practices: Gain valuable insights into the latest DEI strategies and practices.

Who Should Attend?

  • DEI Professionals & Champions from Automotive, Defense, and Transportation Industries
  • Senior Leaders & HR Professionals
  • Individuals from Diverse Backgrounds Passionate about Fostering Inclusive Cultures

Sponsorship Packages: Enhance your organization's visibility and commitment to DEI. Contact Jennifer Harding for more information.


Unveiling Insights: Key Takeaways from the CADIA DEI Industry Report

The CADIA DEI Industry Study is now complete! With support from the State of Michigan and MICHauto, and in partnership with KPMG, this year CADIA undertook the first large-scale DEI Study for the auto/transportation/mobility industry.


The findings from this study establish baseline data and provide benchmarks for diversity, equity and inclusion across the industry.


Here are a few highlights from the study:

  • Representation of women in the transportation (24%) lags the overall US workforce (47%)
  • Women are the most underrepresented in skilled trades and technical positions
  • The proportion of attrition for women was higher (35%) than the overall workforce (29%)
  • Diverse employees have higher representation in manufacturing and operations roles, are underrepresented in SG&A roles and in leadership positions.
  • Racially and ethnically diverse employees are underrepresented in Senior Leadership and management roles (22%) relative to their representation in the industry (33%) and the overall US workforce (38%).
  • The largest gap is among Black or African American employees who represent 14% of the workforce but only 7% of Senior Leadership and manager positions.

CADIA is developing strategies for companies to use study data to drive overall improvement in DEI.  Companies are encouraged to learn from the data and engage with CADIA to develop solutions for lasting change.

photo of data on a whiteboard

"There is a real lack of specific data to illustrate the current state of DEI in the automotive industry. Gathering this information and building out a baseline to measure against will help us all better understand what the industry could look like if it truly leveraged and valued diverse talent across all areas of the industry and throughout the entire leadership pipeline.” - Cheryl Thompson, Founder and CEO, CADIA



CADIA Connects:  
Size Inclusion: Reflecting Body Diversity in Your DEI Programming - March 19

Join CADIA and guest speakers Dr. Sky McLaughlin and Sherilyn Trompetter,  co-founders, MT Consulting Group as we discuss the topic of size bias within society and workplaces. 


We'll discuss how this bias affects the workplace and highlight how fatphobia impacts differently across the gender spectrum. Join us as we uncover opportunities to reflect the diverse range of human body sizes in DEI policy, programming and planning.

CADIA Connects is a no-cost, hour-long Zoom meeting designed to help professionals stay connected and find common ground. 


New Member Benefit:  Forward Together Workshop Series


 CADIA is announces the Forward Together Workshop Series, an exclusive new benefit for our members and their employees. The biannual workshops aim to educate, inspire, and empower members and their employees by providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to foster an inclusive work environment.  


The inaugural workshop, titled "DEI Conversations in the Workplace," will be held on May 7,  12 – 1 pm ET.  Details, additional information and registration information will be sent to all members in early April.


CADIA Connects:
White Men as Full Diversity Partners - April 16

The session highlights the significance of including white men in diversity conversations and provides practical steps for how they can contribute to making the automotive industry more inclusive for all.

Michael Welp, co-founder of White Men as Full Diversity Partners is our guest in the April edition of CADIA Connects.


In his  talk, Welp discusses the often overlooked aspect of diversity and inclusion: engaging white men in the conversation. He argues that white men have a crucial role in fostering inclusive environments and must be active participants rather than bystanders in diversity initiatives. Whelp's approach is not about assigning blame but about recognizing the unique position white men have to influence change within organizations.


Celebrate Pride Month with CADIA and Keynote Speaker Lisa D'Amore

Cheryl Thompson on stage speaking

Contact CADIA to explore themes, presentations and talks.  Let's make Pride Month a milestone in our journey towards diversity and inclusion.

This Pride Month, CADIA is proud to offer exclusive keynote presentations, facilitation and panel discussion featuring Lisa D'Amore, a long-time advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. CADIA invites members to enrich their Pride celebrations by bringing D'Amore's inspiring messages directly to your organization.


Her presentations are tailored to motivate and empower your team to embrace and advance inclusivity within the automotive industry.


For more information, contact Jennifer Harding. 


New Members

As members, companies have access to the CADIA DEI Roundtable Series, workshops, CADIA certifications and more. Individuals have access to CADIA Academy and will become part of the CADIA community.


We look forward to working with new and renewing members on their DEI journey and learning together to make strides in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 


For information on membership, contact Jennifer Harding.

logos of renewing members

DEI Accelerator Program:  New Cohort Kicks off Fall 2024

Kicking off a new cohort in September, 2024 this DEI Certification program offers a structured opportunity for automotive industry professionals to learn DEI best practices, solve complex organizational challenges and build a DEI professional network. 


The course has an increased focus on cultural competence and the global aspects of DEI. The fall kickoff brings a refreshed curriculum and offerings for all learners.


This course is aimed at DEI professionals, DEI champions, ERG leaders and participants, and anyone who wants to better understand DEI at a personal, professional and systems level.




picture of laptop with zoom meeting windows open

“I learned so much more than expected. This cohort was so well planned and really built on the knowledge each week. It was amazing to be a part of this experience. I will treasure the connections I've made and of course, will use the many resources provided to make a difference at my company. Thank you.

-- Past Cohort Participant


CADIA DEI Roundtable to Tackle Safety and DEI Risk Management in March, April Meetings

Calling all DEI practitioners! Join us for a virtual monthly roundtable meeting to discuss industry best practices; what's working and what is moving the needle on company culture, inclusion and belonging. 


In March we will be discussing DEI as a Catalyst for Safety, and in April the topic is Safeguarding Success: Identifying and Managing DEI Risks.


Request a guest invitation to audit an upcoming meeting to see if it's a fit for your company. Membership is open to those who work in some aspect of DEI for automotive, transportation and related companies.




CADIA in the News

Automotive News - Progress made on auto diversity, but much work is left to do

There are imbalances of talent representation within our industry, and leadership does not truly reflect the diverse talent that contributes to our success.



We talked to auto industry leaders Cheryl Thompson of CADIA and Linda Taliaferro of The Extra Effort on the current state of diversity and DEI. They are optimistic.



While diversity in the transportation industry is roughly the same as in other industries, women and racial and ethnic minorities lag in leadership positions, according to a study released this month.



So, in the latest episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined by Cheryl Thompson, the Founder and CEO of the Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion, and Advancement (CADIA), to learn what dealers need to know as we go through the new year.



The transportation industry lags behind the U.S. workforce in overall employment for women and racially/ethnically diverse talent, according to a comprehensive industry survey from CADIA.




Did you know? CADIA offers different levels of corporate membership.  Check out Benefits of Membership.

For more information or to schedule a call about membership, contact Jennifer Harding.

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